From novel magnetic clasps for bracelets and necklaces to innovative gemstone cutting or collaboration with internationally renowned artists – we like to break new ground!

Magnetic clasps “Carat”

A good clasp increases the daily pleasure in a piece of jewellery. It needs to be easy to use but secure. Our patented magnetic clasps “Carat 3000” and “Carat 4000” were designed for gemstone necklaces and gemstone bracelets in various weights and sizes.

The magnets are firm and securely set – like gemstones. An additional security chain protects the bracelets from loss. Also available separately as an alternative clasp or extension for many standard necklaces and bracelets.

Magnetic intermediate piece

With our magnetic intermediate piece, we have created another attractive wearing option for our coloured gemstones. The novel gemstone pendant can be easily inserted as an intermediate piece in all our magnetic clasps. A range of special gemstones, colours and shapes open up many possible variations, also for collecting. Our patented pendant is self-centring and always sits perfectly. The magnets are as securely set as gemstones.

Special Cuts

We regularly develop special cuts in-house or in collaboration with renowned gemstone engravers. For the German TV market, we create a series of limited artistic cuts, for example with the world-famous gemstone designer Michael Peuster. His work is highly valued by royalty and film stars around the world.