OUR HEART beats for…

…the beauty of coloured gemstone jewellery, combined with a deep-rooted tradition in jewellery and gemstone craftsmanship. We hope to convey the fascination and charm of each individual piece of jewellery – this is what motivates us every day.

…our staff

A positive working atmosphere and contented staff are important to us. We invest in training and further training and make it easier to combine work with family life by offering flexible working hours.

This not only ensures high motivation at work. Identifying with the product and our company ensures job security, expertise and experience as well as continuous development. For the staff, this means an appreciation of their performance as well as a positive balance between work and family life.

We do not leave creativity and skilled precision to chance. We work together for sustainable company development and for products that delight both our hearts and yours!

…our partners

We nurture and value long-lasting trade relationships with partners who take their social responsibility just as seriously as we do and regard the preservation and creation of decent working, living and environmental conditions as important and promote them too.

As we regularly visit mines and traders in Asia, Africa, Europe and South America, we are familiar with the situation of a great many companies in the industry. Our purchasing policy voluntarily complies with the guidelines for conflict minerals for the EU and USA. We are also a member of the association “Fair Trade Minerals & Gems e. V.”.

Member of Fair Trade Minerals

…our environment

We have installed complex filter systems in our production facility. To compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions generated by our jewellery production and our flights around the world, we promote climate protection projects in Germany. The projects we support are officially registered, follow the rules and regulations of the Kyoto Protocol and are also certified in accordance with the strict requirements of the independent and not-for-profit Verified Carbon Standard Association VCS.


Wir fördern Klimaschutzprojekte in Deutschland
Wir fördern Klimaschutzprojekte in Deutschland

…our tradition and region

The preservation and nurturing of jewellery and gemstone craftsmanship is a matter very dear to our hearts. We are a member of the main development associations working towards this goal and to maintaining local traditions in our region: “Gem Mine Steinkaulenberg – Historic Water Mill Weiherschleife e.V.”, “German Gemstone Route“ and “German Gemstone Museum”.


The passion for our work and our creations constantly inspires us anew every day. You will recognise this passion and feel it too when you handle your new piece of jewellery from the Conradt company!