Sogni d'oro

Our brand family, “Sogni d’oro” is one of the best-selling collections of coloured gemstone jewellery in Germany. There is something for everyone in this collection. “Sogni d’oro classic” has been offering gold jewellery with gemstones in cabochon cut and gemstone necklaces since 1998. Under the brand name “Sogni d’oro facettenreich” we have been producing exclusive facetted gemstone jewellery since 2008. “Sogni d’oro silberzeit” has been offering silver jewellery with special genuine gemstones since 2011.

The individual collections unite tradition and innovation, timeless design and a modern look, always in combination with gemstones.

Our team looks for new, rare and unusual gemstones around the world for several months every year. Our strengths are creating innovations and incorporating rare gemstones.

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